Monday, December 12, 2011

It goes both ways ...

From: Free Digital Photos
I don't know anyone who thinks virtual networking can or will replace face-to-face networking in their life.  Many, me included, think it might enhance or expand the networking experience, but certainly not become a substitute.

Yesterday Kevin Purdy at Fast Company wrote a useful piece reminding us of how both face-to-face and virtual networking, when experienced side-by-side can be a really powerful experience: 'Why in-person socialising is a mandatory to do item'. Expanding on Ray Oldenburg's notion of the Third Place, the place that isn't work or home, but a space you carve out for yourself to grow and create with others, Purdy describes his own experience in the guise of a techno-driven 'knitting circle'.  A space where like minded people share ideas and knowledge to create new experiences, knowledge and connections.

I think the lesson here is to have a virtual third place - but make sure you have face-to-face one as well.  And fill it with smart, creative, technophiles.
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